Architecture Exhibition Designer


In 2013 Shea Hartigan was approached by Kaidi Õis, a member of the curtorial team b210 which were acting on behalf of the Union of Estonian Architects.  B210 were the organisers of Tallinn Architecture Biennale in Estonia and approached Shea Hartigan because of his prominent exposure as a graduate of CCAE: Cork School of Architecture about the possibility of CCAE exhibiting at the up and coming show.  The b210 curtoirial team also included Aet Ader, Karin Tõugu, Kadri Klementi, and Mari Hunt.


CCAE: Cork School of Architecture is a new school of Architecture in Ireland which became recognised by the Royal Institutes of Architects Ireland in 2012. Seeing the opportunity that this exhibition presented for the new school, Shea Hartigan contacted the new school and began to work on making it happen. As a graduate of the school and a native of Cork, Shea Hartigan took a personal interest in promoting the Cork School of Architecture.

Shea Hartigan had previously co-curated a CCAE Masters of Architecture exhibition in dark space, an exhibition gallery in Dublin. It appeared to him that taking a reinvented version of this exhibition to Tallinn would be a wonderful opportunity to create exposure for CCAE and it’s graduates. Liam engaged DATUM, an architectural investigations group to assist in the TAB Exhibition. DATUM is a group of Graduates of CCAE. From DATUM Eoin Horgan and Francis Shier joined to help the initiative organize, plan, design and raise funding for this project.


The CCAE Masters of Architecture (CCAEMArch12) work that would be exhibited consisted of projects all based on studies of Istanbul. Having built a team and engaged the School, Shea Hartigan decided to reach out to Istanbul Design Week which was also being held in 2013. Shea Hartigan made contact with Sinem Kocayas of Dream Design Factory (dDf) in Istanbul. Dream Design Factory was employed by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to organise the event.

Months of correspondence, great efforts on sourcing of funds and design of exhibitions resulted in Exhibitions of Young Cork Architects in two cites with representatives from Cork present at both exhibitions, including a guest speaker, Jason O’Shaughnessy at IDW. This was the first instance of the Cork School exhibiting graduate work on an international arena and hopefully set the precedent for the school to continue to build the international relations that were made and continuing to raise the profile of architectural thinking and studies globally.