Cork Philharmonic Concert Hall

Tivoli Docks : Concert Hall
Tivoli Docks, a reclaimed landscape of shipping containers formed the context for two projects, a master planning project and a subsequent project for a Concert Hall. In the Master Plan it was envisaged to maintain the sense of place and to keep the port as a port, a destination which continues to be industrious. The treatment of Edges was seen as vital to the schemes success. Hard, Soft and Cut Edges were formed. A canal was run adjacent to the existing railway line. A large body of water was taken into the site which increased edges and a large body of water was taken into the site which formed a new relationship across the claimed landscape. 
The new Concert Hall was envisage as a primer for the entire site, a beacon to announce this development. The building spoke of the industrial history of the site and brought the Lee Valley into the building as a backdrop to both out door and indoor performances.