Tivoli House

2004-2005 | Cork
This was a key project which influenced many of the single family homes produced in JCA thereafter. Shea Hartigan worked solely with the lead designer at JCA from schematic design through to construction, and produced all the production information required to complete the project. 

The house was design for a prominent local figure. Its contemporary design consisted of a 200 square meter open plan home which was accessed from a double height foyer one storey below. The utility, foyer, and carport at the lower level allowed the front elevation to be predominantly made up of floor to ceiling glazing. 

On entering the house you passed under a bridge and rise up to the main floor where you find yourself under a large skylight. Following a timber lined wall back to the front of the house, you can cross the bridge to the master bedroom which cantilevers over the carport and has a large glass wall which turns through the South-West corner of the room.  Without crossing the bridge you find yourself in a large living room with a central fire which acts as a transition to the dining space. Both dining and living rooms face the front of the building with a wall of glass. 

The dining room opens to a kitchen which is bound by a glass wall to a more private garden and a timber wall which is the same as that already passed in the hallway. Moving to the rear of the house there is two more bedrooms, a study, bathrooms, and a large utility.