Lower Glanmire Road Apartments

2002-2005 | Cork City
Murray Properties, Apartments at Lower Glanmire Road, Cork City. 22 apartments over parking in 4 storeys with open space at roof level. The high density apartment building is located opposite to Kent Railway Station on an elevated site with parking at the lowest level. All the apartments are single aspect, face south. and have a high level of glazing to the balconies. The site was a challenge not seen before as it was formerly a railway siding, cut into an escarpment. The project is currently at post planning stage.


2004 | Murray House, Ballincollig.
2004 | O’Gare Extension, the Ridgeway, Bishopstown, Cork
2013| Geaney and Ambrose Extension
2012‐2013 | Pat and Alma Bailey Extension, 73 North Street, Skibbereen
2003‐2004 |Frinailla Limited, Watercourse Road, Blackpool, Cork
2002‐2004 | Our Lady’s Hospital, Cork (pictured below)
2002‐2006 | Private Client, 41‐42 Sundays Well, Cork (pictured above)
2006‐2007 | Cork Alzheimers Foundation, O’Connell Court, Windmill Road, Cork
2005‐2006 | Joan Hamiliton, Sli Eile Housing Association, Dromina, Charleville