Manhattan Retail Store

2013-2014 | New York 
O’Neil Langan are the selected Architects for flagship stores. O’Neil Langan Architects not only design stores but develop standards and work on company’s creative vision for their concept stores. These standards are used to inform other architects employed by their clients. In an International setting, O’Neil Langan Architects design the stores and oversee regional architects who implement the designs. 

Shea Hartigan was employed in November 2013 to design the 17,000 ft² retail space in the prominent new tower. This entailed designing a flagship store to the satisfaction of both client and landlord. The landlord had strict tenant criteria which had to be met and sometimes differed from the clients requirements. This project also had to be approved by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey which differed from the usual NYC Department of Building approval.  Shea Hartigan worked closely with the clients agents and issued a design proposal package. The resultant presentation was approved by company founder without the requirement of further review. Having client approval, the design was presented to the landlord and detailed design was developed for the Port Authority submission. 

The space allocated for this store had presented a difficult challenged. Large columns interrupted the space in irregular positions. Large Concrete walls were at odds with the perimeter of the store and invaded the space. Shea Hartigan created a design which although breaking from the clients traditional design, still provided the sequence of a large grand hall that leads to individual retail areas which the client is accustomed to. The rooms create layers which ultimately lead to the intimate, generous fitting rooms. The spatial layout of the clients stores has been found as vital to the client experience. Video walls and merchandised products engaged the client upon entry and purchase counters are located to the rear.