Hamptons House

2014-2015 | Hamptons New York
While working at Labo, Architure and Design Studio, Shea Hartigan worked nearly exclusively on the filing/design development and Bid/Detail Design of this 10,000+sqft new build house, adjacent 1,500sqft new pool house, and tennis courts.  The site contains protected wetland areas and fronts an ocean water inlet. The building design consisted of multiple intersecting single and double storey blocks which are located around a two storey central arrival hall to the front and a gallery to the rear. The gallery follows a number of blocks which move away from the larger cluster and form a large under-croft, enclose a sculpture garden, and a series of second floor roof terraces.

Located in one of the most exclusive locations in the United States, this house was designed to accommodate the highest standards in building services and equipment. Special detailing was required to incorporate active flood proof measures to the large basement area. The two storey, single storey, and floating blocks over the basement are constructed of precast concrete panels and required careful coordination at detail design stage.